IATCA stands for Irish Air Traffic Controllers’ Association. IATCA is a combined Trade Union/Professional Association.

The main goal of IATCA is to maintain the common professional, social and health-related interests of ATCO’s in Ireland.

Goals of IATCA

IATCA’s declared goals are as follows:

  • IATCA is committed to furthering the interests of Irish ATCO’s and to reducing the job-related risks of air traffic controllers
  • IATCA aims to actively be involved in creating new professional procedures and technical developments; to work out new proposals to improve processes, equipment and facilities
  • To maintain high standards in terms of the knowledge and skills of air traffic controllers
  • To spread information on changes likely to affect ATCO’s
  • To cooperate closely with national and international representative bodies:
  • To exchange experiences and information with IALPA (Irish Airline Pilots Association)
  • To provide assistance and support in the event of an incident or accident